On receiving a fire signal from a fire detector or a man ual alarm box, the FAPN202-R-5L conventional fire alarm panel produces visual alarms indicating the alarm point, as well as sounding an audible alarm to alert the alarm panel operator . It also produces alarms to alert the occupants of the building premises. The FAPN202-R-5L Conventional fire alarm panel indicates the alarm points on individual zone lamps. NOTE: Unless called out with a version-specific “C” or “E” at the end of the part number, “NFS-320” refers to models NFS-320, NFS-320C, and NFS-320E; similarly, “CPU-320” refers to models CPU-320, CPU-320C, and CPU-320E.
  • Conventional type 5 fire zones (No Programming required)
  • Alarm verification type(Alarm verification time:60 seconds)
  • Self diagnosis system
  • Misoperation inhibit function
  • Back-up Power Supply (Ni-cd battery, 24VDC)
  • Large fire alarm symbol for easy visual recognition
  • Durable LED indicators
  • Removable front cover for easy installation and maintenance
  • Built-in surge arrester for power lines