The FDLJ series fixed temperature heat detectors use bi-metal snap discs as heat sensing elements, which close the alarm contacts when ambient temperature has reached a pre-determined level of temperature. The detectors are automatically self-restoring after operation, when the ambient temperature falls below the operation temperature. The FDLJ series heat detectors are equipped with the physical protectors which improved the detectors' durability much more than ever series detectors. The screw holes of the detectors employ U-figure structure thatmakes the installation easy. In addition, all the tips of the lead wires are finished with soldering, that also makes the installationeasy. This series also includes water proof types, which are suitable for use in highly humid environments such as kitchen, bath room, and drying room.

● Physical protector equipped
● Physical durability improved
● Easy installation screw holes
● Easy installation lead-wire tip soldering finish
● Sticker color indication for water proof type and nonwater proof type
● 2-wire system
● Alarm response lamp (LED)
● Water proof type available
● Approved by Japan Fire Equipment Inspection Institute